The PDC and the FCBD Nice!!!

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The PDC and the FCBD Nice, what does it mean?

Two names to remember: the first one: the Spring Of Comics (Printemps Des Comics in French) and the  second one : Free Comic Book Day in Nice! 

The PDC and the FCBD Nice, when was it

It was during two days: on Friday, May 5th and Saturday, May 6th 2017.

The PDC and the FCBD, where was it ?

It was in Nice on the French Riviera and more exactly on 3 well chosen sites: First of all, Alfa BD, a bookshop specialized in comic strips, comics and mangas, Louis Nucéra library, a municipal library with regional vocation near La Promenade du Paillon, Garibaldi Place and the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MAMAC) as well as the terrace of the hotel restaurant Villa La Tour entering the Old town of Nice. 


The PDC and the FCBD, what did it correspond to ?

We already knew the Spring of Cinema, the Spring of Books or even the Spring of the Poets but we have never heard of the Spring Of Comics. 

It would already be necessary to know what is a « Comic book » about and despite what we could think, even if today, it has become more and more popular, it is still not really well known by the largest number. 
A Comic book originally indicated an American comic strip. Nowadays, we tend to assimilate it to a comic strip which stages superheroes. We can find them in the form of small magazines which are published very regularly, generally on a month basis. There are two famous publishing houses today, in particular thanks to their mainstream movies, real « Blockbusters », super productions which bring the general public to be interested in this universe. Of course, you have understood that I am talking about Marvel Comics and DC Comics. 

The Free Comic Book Day has been existing since quite a lot of time in the United States, since the 2000s but not for so long in France. It is a very important event for the United States and for all the bookshops wishing to participate and all the artists too. In France, this day when we offer free of charge Comics, edited especially for this occasion, appeared only in 2014, thanks to the association BDCineGoodies. It is also the moment to organize sessions of signatures and sketches and various types of entertainment as a Cosplay parade (people wearing fancy dresses, in particular superheroes costumes), a tombola, or a game with lots of different things to win.


This very special day, so expected by so many fans, growing in number, is always taking place on the first saturday of may.

And so, for this Spring of Comics, what was the plus ?

With This PDC lasting two days, you could double your chance to meet international artists but you also had the opportunity to discover local artists and to encounter various artistic associations collaborating with the PDC.

The PDC has worked with the FCBD to allow all comics addicts to re-discover their favourite comic books but also to permit new readers to enter this universe easily, with this wanted closeness between the public and the artists during sessions of signatures and sketches but also while the artists were presenting their work and their passion during conferences at Louis Nucéra Library in the auditorium with UniversComics.


Everyone had the possibility to buy the PDC portfolio, containing very nice reproductions of the artwork from each artist at the venue. The opportunity to get a signature, a sketch and above all the great chance to discuss with all of them.

The most passionate comics readers could even ask the PDC in advance for a personalised drawing.

Alfa BD bookshop created a very well documented little mag to inform about the venue, the artists and their career, the different partners, and the different sites.

The Spring of Comics, it was an important artistic collaboration with Panini Comics France around the Marvel Touch exhibition beginning on 5 may 2017 and finishing on 27 june 2017 at Nucéra library.


The Spring of Comics, it was also a nice collaboration with Pathé Masséna Cinema for a very special night, a Marvel night with two films : First, Captain America, Civil War and after, The guardians of the Galaxy 2.

And, the Spring of Comics, it was an artistic collaboration with Cosplay Azur for a Cosplay parade on saturday, may 6th, without forgetting Galaxie Vésubie, the association dedicated to science fiction and fantastic epic in PACA (Provence Alpes Côte d’azur), in particular if you are crazy about Star Wars saga.



Finally, the PDC and the FCBD Nice, who was it ?

The two important organisers of this first edition were Alfa BD and UniversComics.

You may have already read the article concerning Fabien from Alfa BD on my blog. If it is not the case, if you want to learn more about him and the bookshop, I think, it is the right time to do so.

UniversComics is an association, but also a blog created by a comics addict, José Maniette, who, informs us everyday about comics news and gives us his personal and expert analysis of the last publications in the field. He shares his passion with more than 16 000 followers on his Facebook page, a fan community who never misses one of his articles on a daily basis. If you want to know more about this webmaster, blogger and influencer, go onto the blog « Comics Have The Power » to read his interview and discover his universe and his philosophy.


And on top of it all, the PDC and the FCBD Nice, it was composed of fantastic artists that we want to thank for their presence and their great disponibility :

Thank you …

Claudio Castellini,


Goran Parlov,


Roland Boschi,



Fernando Dagnino,


Vincenzo Viska Federici,


Marco Santucci,


Maria Laura Sanapo,


Toni Fejzula,


Benjamin Carret.


To conclude, the PDC and the FCBD Nice, what was it like ?

It was a wonderful human encounter, passionate organisers, fantastic artists, so nice, so close to their fans, so generous and full of humour. Above all, it was an amazing artistic collaboration based on the work of each artist and not another market of comic books based on merchandising and by-products.

A very BIG THANK YOU to you all for this first edition of the Spring Of Comics !

A so enriching artistic experience filled with passion and emotion !


We are looking forward to participating to the next edition !

Long life to The Spring Of Comics ! Long life to Le Printemps Des Comics (PDC)  !

It will be Nice as you like it, Nice comme il VOUS plaira, as nice as you like it !:)

And to better feel this so particular atmosphere during this event, go and watch my little video «The Spring Of Comics Review » @MissJam06 or let’s go on Azur TV to replay their Mag concerning the PDC or just go onto the dedicated page to the event PDC and subscribe to UniversComics blog.

Enjoy !

By MissJam,

Translation of the article dated from 16 May.

Fabien de Alfa BD

TEMPS de LECTURE : Entre 15 à 17 minutes

(article complet)



 Si vous avez 2 minutes !

La richesse d’une ville est liée à la diversité des activités et des lieux qu’elle propose. Alors, pour ma deuxième interview, j’ai décidé de changer complètement d’univers, en vous présentant un nouveau Nice people avec son équipe de choc, tout aussi Nice !


Si vous n’avez pas le temps de lire l’interview de Fabien, voici déjà, en quelques lignes, de quoi vous donner envie de faire un tour dans la boutique au 30 Avenue Saint Jean Baptiste, à Nice, en plein coeur de ville, après vous être baladé sur la Promenade du Paillon. Pourquoi pas une petite pause découverte culturelle et lecture, avant de rejoindre le MAMAC, le Musée d’Art Moderne et d’Art Contemporain par exemple ou avant d’aller prendre un verre en terrasse place Garibaldi. Le moment surtout d’aller discuter BD avec Fabien, une vraie bibliothèque ambulante, qu’on ne se lasse pas d’écouter. Il a la BD dans le sang ! Et puis, il adore échanger, partager. Il a fait des études d’histoire et géographie et a failli devenir prof. Et cela aussi, ça se sent ! Croyez-en mon expérience ! 😉 Il sait de quoi il parle et surtout il sait comment donner envie ! Et ça, c’est l’essentiel, non !? Il est rare de trouver à la fois un vendeur aimable, passionné, à votre service en toutes circonstances, que la boutique soit déserte (ce qui arrive très rarement ici, vous imaginez bien) ou bondée de monde ! Voici le post que j’ai laissé sur Trip Advisor que vous pourrez aussi bientôt consulter ou encore sur Google Maps pour vous aider à vous y rendre :

« Une excellente librairie spécialisée dans la BD. Une équipe dynamique et passionnée par son travail. Ils sont toujours prêts à vous orienter dans vos recherches en fonction de vos goûts, de 7 à 77 ans, que ce soit de la BD franco belge, des mangas ou des comics. Un large choix de BD mais aussi de produits dérivés que l’on trouve rarement voire très difficilement ailleurs. Tous les cadeaux que j’ai achetés là-bas pour offrir à mes petits cousins à noël, ont été grandement apprécié grâce à leurs conseils avisés. Ils participent à de nombreux festivals et organisent, eux mêmes des événements comme des dédicaces d’auteurs sans oublier le Free Comic Book Day et le printemps des comics cette année. »,7.272397,14z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m3!8m2!3m1!1e1


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