A Nice Interior in Petrushka Style


Here is an example of a Nice Interior. Thank you to Petrushka for her participation @NicecommeilVOUSplaira.  Petrushka is a friend of mine living in Rouen, in Normandy.

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Let’s begin with her living-room!


A flowery and romantic ambiance! A kind of shabby chic style. Do you like it?



Petrushka is a nature lover but she also likes to boost her life with colours. She is a lively working girl full of energy who decorates her home like the way she dresses herself.



She is also in love with animals and in particular « cats » that’s why she collects « cats » under different forms to decorate her flat.


she tries to create a cosy atmosphere, a place where she can relax after a hectic and busy day at work.



She appreciates to smell a nice spring scent when she comes back home thanks to all the flowers and plants that she has.  In addition, she never says « no » to a sweet treat because she admits it, she enjoys all the pleasures of life and eating is one. That’s one of the reasons why we are friends actually 😉  What about a Nice hot chocolate in winter or a nice cup of tea whatever season it is! She always keeps some chocolates to rejoice the palates of all her visitors. 🙂



One of the other reasons why we get on so well is because we are both crazy about travelling and discovering the world. Here are some of her souvenirs from various Islands: New Caledonia, New Zealand, the Carribean Islands… It is a way to continue the travel and feel happy at home.



Here is her kitchen table with a cat watching you preparing the dinner.


As you can see, she has chosen some white modern furniture to go with her colorful decoration, to soften the environment. She also likes authenticity and mixes tradition with modernity. Some elements evoke a certain « farm » spirit.

Let’s go into her bedroom!


I really love her bed sheets and ornaments. I think this is a very romantic and girly bedroom. What about you?



The bathroom is also a nice place where she likes to take her time to feel beautiful: Some nice perfumes from Fragonard, some soaps bought in Nice, some makeup by Nuxe, different kinds of beauty products, a Nice hairbrush from Pylone  and a fruity candle to awake her senses in the morning.


In the evening, she creates a warm atmosphere, with a good alliance between candles and different lights. Not too much light, just enough to rest the eye, listening to slow music and taking time to dream at last.



Thanks again to Petrushka. I hope that you enjoyed this moment with us. Don’t hesitate to share your ideas and comments with us. I would be pleased to post your own photos to discover another nice interior and inspiration.


Ce sera Nice comme il VOUS plaira, as Nice as you like it! 🙂


By MissJam06,

Le 04/06/2017